COVID-19 Customer Information

          COVID-19 Customer Information

          “We strive for integrity in managing the current situation”

          Dear Customers and Partners,

          we are all part of a complex supply chain in a globalized world, with all its advantages and disadvantages.

          As we are currently experiencing the rapid spread of COVID-19 on a global scale we would like to take responsibility as a supplier and inform you how Bruker deals with this new and challenging situation. Most importantly, Bruker has taken all the necessary preventive measures, including home office, where possible, to ensure that our employees and their families stay healthy. Our employees will continue to support our customers with full commitment, be it on the manufacturing site or from the home office.

          Bruker stands for integrity in all areas, so we also strive for integrity in managing the current situation. At Bruker, we track our supply chain end-to-end, from purchasing to production to delivery and take preventive actions to ensure continuity of business operations.

          Frank H. Laukien, Ph.D, the President and CEO of Bruker Corporation, commented: First and foremost, our concern is for the safety and health of our employees and their families, as well as for that of our customers and partners. We support many customers in their important research and development, analytical and diagnostic testing, as well as product safety and quality assurance, which are and will remain a high priority for our societies. With our enabling life science and diagnostic tools, we are particularly pleased to provide essential research and service support for infectious disease research, for anti-viral vaccine and therapeutic drug discovery and development, as well as for clinical microbiology and viral testing in support of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

          The situation is changing very rapidly and can be difficult to manage. Our COVID-19 task forces are available 24/7 and support the organization in all respects. We are all facing this challenging situation together and give our best every day to fulfill our contracts and to service our customers to the best of our ability.

          Further details on the measures of our divisions in the Covid-19 crisis can be found here

          We are convinced that we will master this situation together and strengthen our partnership even more.

          Stay healthy!

          Best regards,
          Your Bruker Management Team