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          Standardized Quality Control for Biobanks (for research use only)

          Using standardized protocols, biobanks can now generate high quality spectra that can also be used by customers working under the same standard operating procedures. Samples from different sources can be integrated in one statistical analysis, creating a huge reservoir of spectra and results. In addition to spectra, biobanks can also generate additional data such as lipoprotein subclass analysis on plasma and serum, or quantification of metabolites in urine.

          Because the IVDr platform utilizes a standardized spectral database, your results will be compatible with the spectral data of others in the network. All customers have access to this knowledge pool to enhance their own research. This will speed up translation to future diagnostic methods, whether for personalized medicine or population-wide studies on phenotypes and associated risk factors.

          There are many significant benefits to using IVDr for the biobanking industry.

          • Validate the type of sample e.g. EDTA plasma, itrate plasma and quality control to check for contamination and impurities
          • Produce NMR spectra for input into the biobank information for each sample, NMR spectra are produced under standard conditions and can be used for integrated spectral bases from different biobanks worldwide
          • Generate a lipoprotein subclass panel with 114 parameters (serum/plasma)
          • Add a list of quantified parameters in urine including concentration distributions

          New Module for Biobanks

          The Bruker IVDr system now offers the B.I.BioBankTool, a module of B.I.Methods specifically designed for standardized quality control for biobanks. 

          Download the flyer to learn more.