Forensics & Doping Control

          How Bruker’s precise, fast and reliable solutions for forensics and doping test controls support the successful investigation and prosecution of crime and drug abuse.

          Bruker delivers a wide range of analytical turnkey XRFTXRFμ-XRFXRD, NMR, HS-GC, Q-TOF, Infrared and Raman solutions for the reliable and fast identification of crime scene evidence, toxins, DNA, traces, drug abuse and pharmaceuticals. In addition, Bruker offers comprehensive reference libraries for the quick and accurate identification of unknown substances, as well as validated easy-to-use software.

          The collection, preservation and forensic evidence analysis require the ability to extract the most information from the smallest sample while at the same time preserving a maximum amount of it for further tests. Precision and speed are crucial for getting reliable and relevant results.

          Are you interested in the market leading solution for forensic screening and quantiation? Visit our TargetScreener pages.