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          Medical Devices

          How Bruker’s 3d microscopy help to increase the quality and safety of medical devices and implants through fast and reliable quality control by utilizing innovative optical microscope devices

          Life expectancy is increasing constantly around the world. Accordingly, an ever growing number of people are in need of medical devices such as arterial stents, orthopedic implants or even highly complex ophthalmics. Growing life spans pose a set of challenges to manufacturers of medical devices in terms of durability, service life, resilience, production capacity and thought leadership.

          Bruker’s 3D optical microscopes enhance the capability of manufactures to perform fast and accurate roughness analyses. Bruker 3d electron microscope devices enable advanced in-line production quality controls, volume loss calculations and the determination of wear mechanisms for implant research.

          As they provide a non-contact technology, our analytic methods also enable the safe measurement of drug coating thickness and continuity of delicate stents.