Art and Conservation

          How Bruker’s innovative methods and non-destructive analytical techniques help to protect and preserve artifacts and historical monuments all over the world.

          Bruker’s art conservation solutions are perfectly suited to analyze artifacts, help to restore objects without destroying their original substance and determine the composition of materials used for production. Bruker offers mobile Micro-XRF and handheld XRF solutions for non-destructive in-situ analysis as well as innovative FT-IR and Raman solutions for optimal sample visualization and sample collection. Bruker’s instruments enable a reliable and fast analysis of ceramics, paintings, photographs, glass, obsidians, bronzes, coppers and alloys.

          Precious artifacts and historical monument are often affected by decay and through environmental pollution, vandalism, climate change, lack of budgets or just simple neglect.

          Conservators around the world are working day by day to save the world’s heritage for the future.