Emergency 452x210

          Full Spectrum Response Solutions

          Providing CBRNE detection solutions for emergency responders has always been a core competency of Bruker. We have been supplying class leading equipment since 1980.

          Our development goals centre on innovative, robust, reliable and easy to use equipment that can be trusted in an emergency. We offer a complete CBRNE package for Emergency Response and can provide stand alone and integrated systems for mobile, point, stand off and vehicle use along with controlling and consequence management software.

          RAPIDplus provides instantaneous stand-off chemical detection and identification at up to 5000 metres. E2M is used for gold standard on-site identification of substances and materiel. RAID-M 100 is the leading handheld chemical warfare (CWA) detection system used in the hot zone. μRAIDplus provides unrivalled personal protection against chemicals, whilst SVGps covers radiological threats.

          CBRN View software provides commanders with a common operating picture and response tools for the execution of operations.