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          Supporting the Armed Forces Effectively

          Providing the best equipment to combat a dynamic and complex threat

          Conventional and homemade CBRN weapons and Toxic Industrial Hazards are an ever present and complex threat that commanders in all military circles must deal with; it is a key component of Force Protection. Personnel must be protected and adequately prepared to deal with CBRN incidents. The ability to warn and respond to an event quickly and efficiently is imperative in mitigating its impact on people and the mission.

          We have a long and trusted relationship in defence and constantly strive to provide best in its class equipment to keep it that way. Our range of field proven detection systems have been specially developed to provide military users with reliable tools that enable effective warning and response.

          Our equipment is widely used by military forces across the globe. They are attracted by our state of the art technology that is built to the highest standards with the operator in mind. Our kit is easy to use and train. We also understand the part logistics plays in any operation and that’s why we develop equipment to require minimal maintenance and consumables keeping the logistic burden as low as possible.

          Our range of equipment is comprehensive and can be used stand alone, fully integrated in to land, air or sea platforms and controlled by software that provides a simple yet complete common operating picture. 

          Handheld, portable, mobile, stationary and standoff equipment designed specifically for the Battlespace.