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          Full Spectrum Response Solutions

          Whenever military or first responder personnel need to deploy into a toxic environment, speed of response and personal safety is paramount. To mitigate these situations, solutions have been developed and refined to provide secure mobile detection platforms.

          Deploying detection technology integrated with a vehicle platform offers a number of clear advantages. These include the capability to deploy transportable detection devices, such as standoff detection. This form of detection gives advanced warning of potential threats as it can detect toxic gas clouds at distances measured in kilometres. Mobile solutions also permit the platform to deploy several types of detection instruments simultaneously as they can be integrated with, and powered from, the vehicle. Operators that are protected from the external environment by means of collective protection (ColPro) filter technologies,

          rely on Bruker to monitor the ColPro filtration and to alarm in the event of filter failure. If filter breakthrough takes place, our detection and identification systems provide sufficient time for the operators to don protective gear. In the field of mobile detection systems, Bruker offers the full range of equipment for installation to various vehicle platforms and offers a capability to develop, design and to integrate detection systems into that vehicle. Bruker is experienced as a prime contractor and can supply, support and deliver complete mobile platform solutions that meet the user’s requirements precisely.

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