MALDI Imaging

          MALDI Imaging - Reveal greater molecular insight

          MALDI Imaging is a powerful mass spectrometry tool for mapping the distribution of molecules from a thin sample, ranging from small metabolites to large proteins, without molecular tags or labels.

          A single MALDI imaging measurement produces up to several thousands of distribution maps, or ion images, to reveal greater insight and understanding of molecular makeup and regional heterogeneity.

          • Label-free mapping of many analytes, metabolites and proteins
          • Image hundreds to thousands of compounds
          • Probe the molecular heterogeneity of samples
          • Identify regionally specific molecular differences
          • Seamless integration with microscopy or histology

          Molecular Imaging Redefined

          Whether your research is focused on plant metabolomics, biochemistry of cellular processes, biomarkers of disease development or treatment, or microbial interactions, MALDI imaging can deliver new insight to your work. Key to this is the ability to integrate MALDI imaging with other imaging modalities you may already be using, such as fluorescence microscopy or histology. 

          Bruker pioneered this capability in 2005 by allowing the importation and registration of other images into the MALDI imaging dataset with full visual overlay.

          Lipids in brain
          Four proteins distributed in rat brain. Two insets Show Protein ion Images overlaid with histology Image. Note the strong localization to sub-structures.

          Application areas for MALDI imaging are diverse and growing, driven by the label-free nature of the technique and the ability to differentiate compounds by molecular weight. Untargeted discovery studies such as those in clinical research seek to uncover novel biomarkers of disease and treatment. For maximum information with intelligence use MALDI guided SpatialOMx. MALDI imaging is also revolutionizing pre-clinical drug discovery pipelines by providing direct distribution monitoring of therapeutic compounds and their metabolites.

          These are but two examples of untargeted or targeted methodologies where MALDI imaging has proven valuable.  Newer applications surrounding plants, polymers and microbes can be seen emerging in the scientific literature where Bruker's MALDI Imaging Technologies have proven valuable.

          For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.