Structural Biology

          How Bruker sets the pace in advanced structural biology by delivering innovative technologies for the efficient determination of macromolecule function and structures.

          The biological functions of macromolecules are governed by their three-dimensional structures. Whether you are studying proteins, nucleic acids, membrane bound complexes or viruses, a detailed knowledge of the structure is the key to a precise understanding of the macromolecule function and mechanism of action of these bio-molecules.

          However, delivering unchallenged analytical power with a single solution might not prove sufficient to characterize the complex and dynamic structure-function relationships.

          Generating high resolution structural models of macromolecules, measuring distances in biologically active macromolecular structures, determining absolute configuration of chiral molecules and following in-solution conformational changes are complementary tasks which enable to build the complete biological picture, delivering knowledge through 3D-molecules rather than just information.

          Bruker is delivering the tools to decipher that puzzle: Class-leading structural characterization solutions based on NMREPR, FT-IRSingle Crystal X-Ray diffraction, HDX-MS, SAXS and SML super-resolution microscopy.

          For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.