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          Materials Research

          How Bruker’s advanced analytical systems help to gain deeper insights into the nanoscale cosmos and to create usable new products.

          By now, products consisting of nanomaterials and sophisticated alloys have become everyday items. But there are still so many new nanostructures to be discovered. To find them is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Thus, the development of new materials and nanostructures pushes the cross-discipline cooperation in various research fields.

          Scientists and engineers from all over the world, working in the “big three” research disciplines – biology, chemistry and physics –, are utilizing Bruker’s advanced analytical systems. They investigate nanoparticles, thin layers, their size, spatial distribution, shape or orientation – just to mention a few of their tasks.

          Bruker supports them in gaining deeper insights into the nanoscale cosmos, discovering new possibilities and enabling innovative usable products. We offer a broad variety of solutions for almost all analytical method, perfectly suited to all analytical needs.