Semiconductors & Microelectronics

          How Bruker’s leading FT-IR, Raman and X-ray solutions enable non-destructive quality control of semiconductors and innovative R&D.

          Due to the increasing popularity of electronic, communication and entertainment devices, we are seeing an enormous growth in the use of elemental and compound semiconductors.

          And since silicon is found in all electronic devices, it is the most commonly used semiconductor material.

          Bruker provides the expertise and unique FTIR technology for reliable and non-destructive Silicon quality control with infrared light for photovoltaics and electronics.

          The unique CryoSAS system allows for high sensitivity analysis of various impurities in Silicon samples while the new SiBrickScan enables Oxygen analysis in complete Silicon ingots. Furthermore, Bruker FT-IR and Raman spectrometers are powerful investigative tools for a wide range of materials.

          And our Bruker X-ray methods offer custom-made solutions for any purposes – from routine quality control to innovative R&D.