Metal Processing

          How Bruker’s metal and alloy analysis ensures optimum quality as well as safety and security of metalworking products throughout the whole production process

          Whether metalworking companies create individual parts, assemblies or large scale structures – they all have to ensure optimum process and product quality to thrive in highly competitive markets. Fast and accurate elemental analysis minimizes cost-intensive delays in all production steps, or even dangerous product failures.

          By providing leading metal analysis technologies, Bruker enables clients to thoroughly scrutinize specified alloys in order to verify their consistence (PMI) or carbon content before metal processing and heat-treating.

          Metal multilayer systems can be characterized according to composition and thickness in compliance with industrial norms. Non-destructive, quick and accurate analysis of uneven shaped samples and any inhomogeneity is not a challenge for Bruker's series of small-spot and micro-spot X-ray fluorescence spectrometers.

          We offer a broad range of solutions to safeguard and optimize the quality and security of final products – from machine parts to ships, bridges and buildings.