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          How Bruker’s fast and accurate identification of bacteria and microorganisms revolutionizes the way microbiology is performed today and in the future.

          Bacteria analysis and the identification of microorganisms to the species level and beyond is a key task of microbiology. Traditionally this is achieved by carrying out labour-intensive and time-consuming biochemical assays. And though current sequencing technologies provide more precise insights, they are still far too slow and expensive. Bruker has successfully introduced innovative, molecular-based spectroscopic and spectrometric identification methods that enable faster and more efficient analysis than conventional assays or sequencing. 

          By using our experience and expertise as a worldwide leading provider of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, Bruker developed the MALDI Biotyper—a revolutionary approach for the analysis of microorganisms. This “Open Microbiology Concept” includes interfacing and library creation and can be easily integrated into any laboratory environment. Within just a few years, the MALDI Biotyper has become the worldwide leading solution for clinical microbiology, as well as for water, pharmaceutical and food testings.

          For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.