MBT for food

          MALDI Biotyper? and IR Biotyper? - A seamless solution for microorganism confirmation/identification and strain typing in food microbiology

          MALDI Biotyper?

          Only one well-equipped benchtop furnished with the dedicated MALDI Biotyper? solution for food microbiology, complemented by the IR Biotyper?, is needed for confirmation/identification and strain typing of microorganisms in less than 3 hours.

          Read more about the MALDI Biotyper? system providing specific and reliable identification of microorganisms within minutes. The MALDI Biotyper? has been validated and certified according to the Official Method of Analysis program (OMA) of the AOAC International and according to the new ISO 16140-part 6 standard.

          Read more about the IR Biotyper?, allowing easy, fast and cost-effective microbial typing for real-time quality control and source tracking.

          IR Biotyper

          Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.

          Please contact your local representative for availability in your country.

          For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.