Pharma and Biopharma

          Pharma and Biopharma risk and reward to advance drug discovery, development and manufacture

          The pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical business is a delicate balance of risk and reward.

          Not surprising when it costs an average of $3 billion and 10 years to bring a new drug to market, and building a large-capacity biopharma production plant takes 5 years and requires an investment of at least $200 million.

          Everything research scientists and analysts do is intended to tip the balance in favour of reward. From accelerating the pace of early discovery, adding confidence as a candidate moves through preclinical and formulation or therapeutic protein characterization, to ensuring robust quality assurance and production control. At every phase, success is dependent on using the right technology, generating the best data, and gaining the deepest insight. Bruker's core technologies and innovative instruments provide a powerful analytical platform at each critical point throughout the drug discovery, development and manufacturing pipeline.