Drug Development

          Advanced analytical technologies drive drug development

          The bridge from discovery to manufacture. Drug development includes the critical work of verification, elucidation, optimisation, and monitoring needed to take only the most promising molecules – small or large – through from clinic to market.

          The drive towards stratified medicine, and ultimately precision medicine, is relentless. An estimated 90% of conventional top-selling blockbuster medicines only work for 30% to 50% of patients – and around 73% of cancer compounds and 42% of non-oncology compounds in clinical trials have some form of biomarker and can thus be categorised as ‘precision medicines for targeted therapies’.

          This emphasises a strong need for added confidence throughout drug development. There is a necessity to generate as much qualitative and quantitative insight into the molecular structure and dynamics of pharmaceuticals and biologics as possible, early in the process. Drug development scientists are looking more and more to best-in-class instruments, and to achieving the extra insight that comes from combining analytical technologies, to streamline the process and advance prospective new drugs.