Cement and Raw Materials

          In cement production the chemical and mineralogical composition of raw materials as well as intermediate and finished products has to be determined to control and optimize the process and to guarantee constant high product quality.

          The raw materials from the quarry, additives, like slag, filter dust,.., through all steps of the production process (milling, mixing,..), the intermediate products, e.g., clinker, hot meal, and the final products are analyzed directly.
          This information is important to drive the process in the most cost effective way for highest quality.

          In close partnership with the cement industry Bruker is continuously pushing the performance of its analytical solutions.

          We are committed to strongly focusing on the seamless integration of our XRF and XRD tools into the process and on simplifying the analytical tasks. Our precalibrated solutions in combination with software for easy, safe, reliable and intuitive operation are trend-setting.

          The spatial distribution of particular elements yields information about the quality of the raw materials and the finished product. For successful quality check and failure analysis Bruker offers Micro-XRF tabletop instruments and electron microscope analyzers.