Textile / Fibre Industry

          Spin Finish Determination on Fiber (FOF), Oil Pick Up (OPU), Avivage

          Spin Finish is added to various fiber during production to improve downstream handling. This way, static electricity and sufficient lubrication are effectively avoided and guaranteed, respectively.

          Clearly, the amount of Spin Finish has to be tightly controlled. To this end, a bias-free, non-destructive as well as speedy and reliable method is needed. the minispec mq-one Spin Finish Analyzer is the perfect choice meeting these demands and exceeding customer's expectations.

          Spin Finish Application: Proven for Any Fiber

          Bruker together with partners have developed this minispec TD-NMR method in the 80ies. Since that time the minispec Spin Finish method has proven successful to virtually any kind of fibers, as there are:

          • Technical fibers
          • Textile fibers
          • Multifilament, monofilament, staple fibers
          • Texturized fibers
          • Fibers and Yarns made out of: Polyester, Polyamid, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyacrylonitrile
          • Nonwovens made out of: Polypropylene, polyethylene

          Spin Finish Methods: Weighless and Weighing

          Time is money, in other words, the fewer steps a method requires, the better. Bruker's mq-one Spin Finish Analyzer offers the method referred to as Weighless Method. This method consists of only one measurement step.

          The Weighing Method is of course offered as well if ultimate accuracy and precision are required. This method takes the sample weight into account as well.

          Spatially Resolved Quality Analysis

          The spatial distribution of particular elements as part of the basic fiber or the dye yields information about the quality of the raw material and the finished product. For successful quality check and failure analysis, electron microscope analyzers provide non-destructive methods and tools for spatially resolved compositional analyses. The benchtop Micro-XRF technology can also cover such non-destructive analysis.