Surface Imaging

          How Bruker’s precise 3D surface characterization reveals more than surface topography, helps to understand materials better and ensures optimum production processes

          Imaging and characterizing sample surfaces on the micro- and nanometer scale is key to acquire a functional understanding of a wide range of materials – from biomolecules to thin films. In fields such as semiconductor manufacturing, accurate surface imaging is also critical to the production process.

          Bruker offers a suite of surface imaging solutions for engineers, physicists, biologists, and material scientists operating in a range of industrial and academic settings. Automated Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs), stylus profilers, and optical metrology tools meet the requirements for in-line production in terms of absolute precision and accuracy.

          Bruker provides research scientists with easy-to-use, powerful AFM, stylus, and optical metrology options for industrial development as well as academic investigation and research.