Technology to combat every CBRNE threat

          CBRNet? provides Bruker Detection clients with the world’s first purpose designed network of chemical, biological, radiological and explosive detectors, backed by world class experts providing constant help and advice. Deadly CBRNe agents are easily hidden, hard to detect and their components difficult to identify. Understanding how to react to their use requires scientific expertise of the highest level, available exactly when you need it.

          Bruker’s CBRNet? powered by SafeZone, meets these needs. Three core pillars of activity are provided: An operational pillar, designed to support day to day activity and incident response. A Training pillar, designed to help you train your people and to exercise your teams collectively. A Fleet Management pillar providing supply, maintenance, repair and asset tracking capabilities as well as updating core software when needed.

          The availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality and non-repudiation of your data is critical to our success.

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          CBRNet? consists of three core components:

          • The sensor layer offers the world’s most advanced instruments, specially designed for the network. Legacy sensors from Bruker and other manufacturers can be added to ensure our customers get value from existing equipment.
          • The dedicated Information System, SafeZone, displays data from sensors in a Recognised CBRNe Picture delivered to your operations rooms.
          • CBRNet? scientific and technical staff in our dedicated Operations Facilities are available at all times to offer support and advice. Professional expertise is at your finger tips, wherever and whenever you need.