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          Fluorescence Microscopes

          Fluorescence Microscopes

          Bruker’s suite of fluorescence microscopy systems provides a full range of solutions for life science researchers. Our multiphoton imaging systems provide the imaging depth, speed and resolution required for intravital imaging applications in neuroscience, oncology and immunology. Our confocal systems enable cell biologists to study function and structure using live-cell imaging in cell cultures and invertebrate model organisms at speeds and durations previously not possible. Bruker’s super-resolution microscopes are setting new standards with quantitative single molecule localization which allows for the direct investigation of the molecular positions and distribution of proteins within the cellular environment. Our light-sheet microscopes from Luxendo, are revolutionizing long-term studies in developmental biology and investigation of dynamic processes in cell culture and small animal models. Our most recent addition, Canopy Biosciences adds multi-omics and high-content cytometry technologies enabling single cell, tissue and suspended cell-based discovery and validation in immunology and targeted proteomics, as well as a suite of complementay multi-omics services.

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          Fluorescence Microscopes

          "The Opterra system gives us fast confocal imaging with higher signal to noise than other available solutions. Our use of a multiphoton laser with the photoactivation module is providing us with a unique opportunity to produce ablations and photobleaching at precise three-dimensional locations simultaneously with imaging."

          Dr. Daniel Zicha
          Cancer Research UK


          "The volume of data you can acquire on a super-resolution system is incredible when comparing electron microscopy especially considering the sample preparation."

          Peter McPherson Ph.D.
          McGill University


          "We appreciate the modular nature of the Ultima hardware and software. [...] We have continued updating many of our 14 machines, including our ten-year-old systems.  The Team Viewer  connection and support is a huge asset for novice owners and for significant software changes."

          Dr. David Wokosin
          Northwestern University