Ultima 2Pplus Multiphoton Microscopy

          A Complete Optical Workstation for In Vivo Multiphoton Imaging

          With new advances in field of view, sensitivity, wavelength, and sample accommodation, the Ultima 2Pplus delivers an ideal combination of flexibility, resolution, imaging depth and speed, allowing users to perform simultaneous imaging, stimulation and electrophysiology protocols with greater efficiency and effectivity.

          The system is designed specifically for intravital imaging, with fully motorized control of the objective X-Y-Z position, as well as two axes of rotation for precise imaging orientation. A second scan path enables simultaneous imaging and photoactivation. The system’s optimized optical train confers exceptional performance to the very edges of the large field.

          Ultima 2Pplus

          See More — Class-Leading Field of View for Multiphoton Imaging

          With up to a 28 mm field number, the Ultima 2Pplus offers a more complete picture of your biology with every scan. Superior field flatness and performance at even the edges of the field allow for high-quality imaging with the largest usable area.

          1.345 mm x 1.345 mm FOV, resonant scanned image of GCaMP expressing cells in mouse brain
          1.345 mm x 1.345 mm FOV, resonant scanned image of GCaMP expressing cells in mouse brain.

          Ultima Intravital high efficiency photon collector v1

          Capture Every Photon — High-Efficiency Light Collection and Detection

          The Ultima 2Pplus further improves upon the detection optics of the Ultima family with large, customized collection optics near the pupil of the objective lens. Image deeper with a greater signal-to-noise ratio, even within highly scattering tissue.

          Do more — Simultaneous Imaging and Photoactivation

          Record and photo-manipulate your cells with exact timing and spatial precision. Combine the Ultima 2Pplus with the Neuralight 3D spatial light modulator to provide 3D real-time control of neuronal activity, ideal for optogenetics experiments.

          Neuralight 3D GCaMO6s image v2