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          FT-IR Research Spectrometers

          Bruker Optics offers a wide variety of laboratory FT-IR spectrometers for all your Research applications.

          INVENIO with innovative technology and smart design set standards for next generation intelligent R&D FT-IR spectrometers.

          The VERTEX Series is built on a fully upgradeable optics platform that is designed with the utmost flexibility in mind.

          Offering the world's commercially available highest resolution FT-IR spectra, the IFS 125HR FT-IR spectrometer is the ultimate research tool for FT-IR spectroscopists.

          CryoSAS semiconductor material quality control for photovoltaic and electronics industry.

          SiBrickScan is a unique system for quantitative impurity analysis along the main axis of complete Silicon Ingots.

          The CONFOCHECK is a dedicated FT-IR system for the investigation of proteins in water. It is very suitable to study protein stability and conformation.

          The specifically developed PMA 50 module providing maximum flexibility and sensitivity is optimal for Polarization Modulated IR spectroscopic applications such as PM-IRRAS and VCD.

          TG-FT-IR combines the widely-used, quantitative analytical method thermogravimetric analysis with the qualitative FT-IR spectroscopy.