Terahertz Spectroscopy

          Terahertz (THz) light - as well named far IR radiation - has remarkable properties. Many common materials and tissues are semi-transparent and have "terahertz signatures", permitting to identify and analyze samples.


          Terahertz spectroscopy is of interest for a wide range of application fields, such as polymorphism, polymer research, inorganic chemistry, gas spectroscopy, solid state & semiconductor physics, pharma or drug related research and many more. In particular the combination of classical FTIR and THz spectroscopy can provide deepest insight into sample properties.


          The VERTEX series FTIR spectrometers and especially the powerful VERTEX 80v can already access the THz range down to 5 cm-1 (~0.15 THz), but reaching the spectral limits or highest spectral resolution may require liquid Helium cooled bolometers. This limita- tion is overcome by the new and unique verTera Terahertz extension for the VERTEX 80v vacuum spectrometer. With verTera functionality the famous VERTEX 80v becomes the world's first and only combined FTIR/cw-THz spectrometer with amazing possibilities and can cover a spectral range down to 3 cm-1 (0.09 THz) without the need of cryogenically cooled components.

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