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          A powerful push button solution developed for rapid toxicology screening with a simplified intuitive user interface

          Toxtyper? delivers a robust and automated drug testing solution based on the fastest LC-MSn technology in the market, the amaZon speed. The Toxtyper? provides a combination of high performance LC-MS/MS and confident identification with the greatest transferability of library search results from lab to lab.

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          The Toxtyper? solution was developed to meet the needs of forensic and clinical research labs. The unique patented SmartFrag technology virtually removes any variation and hence the need for tuning from the MS/MS process. The intuitive, easy-to-use Toxtyper? user interface is  designed specifically for non-MS experts. It enables push-button sample analysis, ideal for a multi-user environment and 24/7 operation.

          Key attributes of the Toxtyper?

          • Tune-free, ready for use, robust LC-MSn solution for 24/7 toxicology screening

          • Easy to use software, designed for non-MS expert

          • Comprehensive and confident screening results, based on high quality curated spectral libraries

          • Less then 12 min from injection to report, fast polarity switching for detection of basic, acidic and  neutral compounds in one run

          • Allows for streamlined sample preparation – in particular for urine – without need for hydrolysis  and/or derivatization

          • Open library concept enabling easy and fast library updates, e.g. for new psychoactive substances (NPS)

          • Provides access to semi-quantitative results

          Ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) combined with true MSn and comprehensive drug libraries

          Toxtyper?: a complete solution for clinical research and forensic toxicology

          Today's forensic toxicology and clinical research labs are challenged by demands for fast and accurate results, along with lab efficiency and cost reduction. Further pressure results from the continuous emergence of new drugs into the market, requiring frequent updates of sample screening methods.

          The Toxtyper? LC-MSn approach with library searching is an easy to use, flexible, and reliable screening solution for modern toxicology research.

          Toxtyper? spectral libraries

          The Toxtyper? holds a curated high quality spectral library with approximately 3000 MSn spectra of nearly 1200 compounds of research toxicology interest, and a smaller targeted library for drugs of abuse (DOA) screening research. Additionally, the Toxtyper? supports the Maurer/Wissenbach/Weber LC-MSn library* containing almost 6000 drugs and metabolites.

          *Maurer/Wissenbach/Weber LC-MSn Library of Drugs,  Poisons and Their Metabolites 2nd Edition; ISBN: 978-3-527-34649

          Reproducibility and transferability through SmartFrag

          Data-dependent MSn acquisition using Bruker’s patented SmartFrag technology enables the successful analysis of  different types of compounds, regardless of their chemical nature, concentration, or sample matrix. With this technology, generated MSn spectra and thus identification results are completely reproducible and transferable from instrument to instrument and lab to lab.

          Amitriptyline MS2 results of 7 Toxtyper systems

          Open library concept

          Recent increases in drug abuse by new psychoactive substances (NPS), such as synthetic cannabinoids, are constantly changing the analytical requirements and necessitate the rapid adaptation of screening methods.

          The Toxtyper? libraries are constantly updated with contributions from our customers and collaboration partners. User-defined library entries can be created with a few mouse clicks, allowing laboratories to respond quickly to new patterns of licit and illicit drug abuse.

          Easy-to-use software designed for non-MS experts

          The Toxtyper? software enables one click review of library search results for fast interactive result evaluation using chromatogram and MSn spectra views. Identified compounds can be sorted by various parameters, e.g. signal intensity, retention time, or alphabetically. Color coding facilitates the review process.

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          Toxtyper? - A complete toxicology solution

          From comprehensive screening to semi-quantification

          Sample preparation

          Different well-established sample preparation methods, such as liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), solid-phase extraction (SPE) or simple protein precipitation, can be used within the Toxtyper? workflow. Protein precipitation is quick and easy and is well suited for the comprehensive analysis of a wide range of analytes.

          Example data demonstrating simultaneous, highly sensitive detection of drugs in human urine. Following simple sample preparation (liquid-liquid-extraction) of 1 mL of urine, the Toxtyper? permits detection down to 0.8 ng/ml.

          Toxtyper figure1

          Tailor-made sub-libraries for increased sensitivity

          The Toxtyper? provides the option to generate smaller libraries for specific needs.

          Concentration of substances in whole blood
          Example of selected drug detection in whole blood at a concentration of 0,5 ng/ml using a Toxtyper? sub-library

          Screening, confirmation, and semi-quantitation in one run

          To add value to the comprehensive screening, the standard Toxtyper? analysis using Toxtyper? and DOA libraries can be extended by semi-quantification.

          After performing a one-point calibration for the target compounds using two or more internal standards, the subsequent Toxtyper? analyses provide, in addition to the qualitative screening results, semiquantitive values (e.g., concentration above or below a target value).

          Toxtyper report

          Toxtyper? Case Study: Analysis of drugs and toxins in the Katharinenhospital Stuttgart

          Although drug analysis using immunological methods is fast, it is not always reliable. The available screening tests can easily lead to false positive results. For the confirmation of such immunoassay results,
          complex and time-consuming GC-MS analysis has been so far performed by the Stuttgart hospital.

          Since March 2017, the Toxtyper? system has been used for the screening of drugs and toxins in blood, oral fluid and urine. Without time-consuming sample preparation, Toxtyper? delivers fast and reliable results that are highly specific and reproducible. In addtion, the Toxtyper? also provides a high degree of safety in toxicological analysis prior to the neurological diagnosis of irreversible brain failure.

          Case Study

          A 34 year old patient with dizziness, nausea and vomiting is admitted to the emergency room.From the anamnesis there is a suspicion of drug consumption, however the patient denies the use of illegal drugs. Urine screening using various immunoassays was negative for Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiapezepins, Cocaine, Opiates and Cannabis. The Toxtyper? identified Mitragynin and several metabolites of Paynanthein and Speciociliantin, which are alkaloids present in leaves and fruits of the Kratom tree. Kratom is used for substitution of Opioids and is not regulated by the German narcotics law.

          For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.