EPR Software Suites

          From Acquisition through Processing and Simulation

          The heart of modern EPR spectroscopy is the smooth, efficient collection of data coupled with the availability of targeted processing and meaningful spectral simulations. In response to these requirements, Bruker EPR has developed dedicated software suites for the ELEXSYS, EMX and microESR product lines.

          The range of software solutions enable reliable and reproducible acquisition and analysis of EPR data by people of all levels of expertise, and across spectrometer configurations ranging from continuous wave EPR,  to pulsed EPR, and EPR imaging.

          EMX Series: Xenon


          CW-EPR made easy. Xenon is Bruker’s new and ultimate  acquisition and processing software package with friendly graphical interface. It brings data acquisition and processing to the next level, combining unparalleled ease-of-use with on-demand-flexibility. more...

          SpinCount and SpinFit modules are standard parts of Xenon.

          ELEXSYS Series: Xepr


          The Xepr acquisition and processing suite matches the flexibility and extensibility available with ELEXSYS series of spectrometers for Continuous Wave EPR, Pulse EPR, and EPR Imaging. more...

          SpinCount and SpinFit modules are standard parts of Xepr.

          EMX Series: WinEPR


          WinEPR is designed for efficient and reliable operation of the EMX series of spectrometers with an intuitive control system to simplify bridge tuning, resonator calibration, and experiment execution.   more... 

          Spectrum Simulation

          Spectrum Simulation

          Xsophe, SpinFit and SimFonia ar the gateways to advanced analysis of CW EPR spectra via spectrum simulation and fitting.  more...