Semiconductor Metrology

          InSight WLI with 300mm Wafer Handler

          Automated, Gage-Capable Metrology for R&D and Production


          The fully automated InSight WLI system offers unmatched optical surface measurement capabilities with wafer-handler integration. Designed from the ground up for the most demanding R&D, quality assurance, and process quality control needs, the InSight WLI incorporates Bruker's patented tip/tilt head, a proprietary self-calibrating laser reference, integrated pattern recognition, and a host of other Bruker-exclusive interferometry innovations. No other metrology system provides the non-contact accuracy, throughput, and operator convenience for such a vast range of production metrology and imaging applications.

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          InSight WLI

          Benchmark for Accuracy and Robustness

          • Unique metrology sensor design with patented dual-LED light source
          • Self-calibrating, metrology optimizing laser reference
          • Integrated vibration-isolation floor-mount cabinet
          Production GUI
          Bump array on full die coplanarity and defect
          Bump array on full die - Coplanarity & Defect: Shape Accuracy
          Robust metrology independent from color/reflectivity

          Fastest, Easiest Nanometer-Scale Measurements

          • Fully automated measurement capabilities
          • Industry leading gage on nanometer-scaled features

          Most Powerful Measurement and Analysis

          • Streamlined, customizable production interface
          • Flexible recipe and automation measurement optimization
          • Extensive library of filters and customizable analysis options

          Configurations for Demanding Advanced Packaging

          • Complete die flatness and CMP metrology solution
          • TSV and interconnect measurements
          • Hot-spot and defect detection on full reticle die

          Factory Automation Ready

          • SECS/GEM
          • S2/S8 Compliant
          • FDC, DCOL available
          Copper Pillar Solder Bumps Height Width and Photo Resist Thickness
          Copper Pillar / Solder Bumps Height - Width and Photo Resist Thickness: One head & Fast throughput with nanometer repeatability