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          X-Ray Metrology for Compound Semiconductor

          Bruker provides X-ray metrology tools for both QC monitoring of epi-layer films and for detailed R&D analysis of a wide range of semiconductor films and wafers.

          Bruker’s JV-QC3 and JV-QCVelox feature high-intensity sources and high-dynamic-range detectors for fast throughput and repeatable measurements. They enable rapid feedback on the quality and composition of epilayer films, particularly for GaN and III-V materials. This feedback can be communicated locally or automatically to factory host software.

          The JV-DX X-ray metrology system provides analysis of thin films used for materials research, process development, and quality control. As an advanced, general-purpose X-ray diffractometer, it incorporates all the standard techniques, coupled with industry-leading analysis software. Its combination of capabilities and features makes JV-DX an ideal, multi-application thin-film materials research tool for your current and future metrology needs.

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          HRXRD for epilayer quality control of GaN LED and III-V materials

          JV QCVelox 3


          High performance HRXRD for epilayer quality control of GaN LED and III-V materials

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          X-ray metrology system for the analysis of thin films for materials’ research, process development and quality control

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          RADS Software

          Software that enables fast and accurate XRD measurement analysis