Automated X-ray Wafer Inspection

          Bruker provides the world’s most advanced and non-destructive X-ray technology solutions for thin-film metrology. Our characterization solutions cover the full range of processing in both logic and memory. Bruker has specialized systems for identifying substrate defects and performing front end of line control of epi films and high-k dielectrics, as well as dedicated instruments for analyzing metal films and wafer-level packaging bumps. These systems also routinely perform other semiconductor metrology applications for hard disk drive materials, GaN on Si power transistors, and PZT film composition and phase monitoring.

          JVX7300F W Image350x350v1


          Process Control of Bump and Under-bump Metal in Advanced Wafer Packaging

          JVX7300LSI Image350x350v1


          In-fab R&D and In-line Production Process Monitoring

          Sirius RF System


          Multi Channel Metrology for Measurement of Thin Metal Films

          JVX7300HR Image350x350v1


          HRXRD for epilayer quality control of SiGe

          JVX7300 FC tool image1


          Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence TXRF