End of Life Information of Products

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          Technique  MethodProduct   Series Type  End of Marketing  Last DeliveryEnd of Service*Trade in CampaignSuccessor TypeMemo


          Magnetic ResonanceNMRD-Series


          200020012016      **Avance? SeriesDPX
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRD-SeriesDRX
          200020022016      **Avance? SeriesDRX
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRD-SeriesDMX
          200020022016      **Avance? SeriesDMX
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRD-SeriesDSX
          200020022016      **Avance? SeriesDSX
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRAvance? Iall20042005Dec 2016      **Avance? IIAvance I
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRAvance? IIall20062007Jan 2018
                **Avance? IIIAvance II
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRAvance? IIIall201220132024      **Avance? III HDAvance III
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRAvance? III HD
          all201720192029      **Avance? NEO
          III HD
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRFourier 300all201520162020      **Fourier 300 HDFourier 300
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRFourier 300 HD
          allJan 2018Dec 2019Dec 2029      **Avance? NEO 300
          300 HD


          Magnetic ResonanceNMRsuperconducting (SC) NMR Magnetsall non-shielded100...600 MHz; all bore diameters200020002017      **UltraShield? (US)
          SC NMR Magnets
          SC NMR Magnets


          Magnetic ResonanceNMRCryoprobe Cooling UnitCUCU/1200120022013      **Cooling Unit CU/2CU/1
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRCryoprobe Cooling UnitCUCU/220052005Jan 2018      **Cooling Unit CU/3CU/2
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRCryoprobe Cooling UnitCUCU/320062007Jan 2018      **Cooling Unit CU/4CU/3
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRCryoprobe Cooling UnitCUCU/420172017tba
                **Cooling Unit CU/5CU/4
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRBruker Magnet Pump ControlBMPCBMPC120062006Jan 2019   yesBMPC2BMPC 1


          Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerSampleMailall201620172027      **SampleCase?SampleMail
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerSampleRail?
          20102020      **Prep2NMR / SampleJet?SampleRail
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerBACS
          20142016      **SampleXpress? / SampleCase?BACS-60
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerBACS
          201220142016      **SampleXpress? / SampleCase?BACS-120
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRliquid handler
          Bruker LiquidHandler 215
          20122015Jan 2020      **SamplePro TubeLiquidHandler
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRsample changerNMRCase
          200820082018      **SampleCase? / SampleXpress? LiteNMRCase

          Probes +

          Magnetic ResonanceNMRSolid-State Probe
          all diameters200820092019      **please contact Bruker +MASDVT
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRSolid-State ProbeMASVTNall diameters200820092019      **please contact Bruker +MASVTN
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRSolid-State ProbeMASWVTall diameters200820092019      **please contact Bruker +MASWVT
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRSolid-State ProbeTRIGAMMA Iall diameters201220122018      **TRIGAMMA II (2nd Generation)TRIGAMMA
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRSolid-State ProbeMASCAT Iall diameters201320132018      **MASCAT II (2nd Generation)MASCAT
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRS-State Probe AccessoryMAS I Unit (H2620)all versions20042018      **MAS 3 UnitMAS I
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRS-State Probe AccessoryMAS II Unit (H13000)all versions201320142018      **MAS 3 UnitMAS II
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRHelium Cryo Probe
          (1st Generation)
          TXI, CI, TFI, TXO
          for Systems 400...950MHz,
          - all length -
          200920092019      **Helium Cryo Probes (2nd Generations)CP2
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRHelium Cryo Probe
          (1st Generation)
          DUL, DUX, DCH, DUI
          for Systems 400...950MHz,
          - all length -
          200920092019      **Helium Cryo Probes (2nd Generations)CP2
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRHelium Cryo Probe
          (1st Generation)
          SEX, SEF, SEI
          for Systems 400...950MHz,
          - all length -
          200920092019      **Helium Cryo Probes (2nd Generations)CP2
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRHelium Cryo Probe
          (1st Generation)
          QNP, QDCI
          for Systems 400...950MHz,
          - all length -
          200920092019      **Helium Cryo Probes (2nd Generations)CP2
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRHelium Cryo Probe
          (1st Generation)
          for Systems 400...950MHz,
          - all length -
          200920092019      **Helium Cryo Probes (2nd Generations)CP2
          Magnetic ResonanceNMRHigh Power Diffusion Probe Diff30Diffusion Probe201620172023      **High Power Diffusion Probe DiffBB

          minispec? systems

          Magnetic ResonanceTD-NMRminispec?NB system199920022012      **ND systemNB system
          Magnetic ResonanceTD-NMRminispec?mq SeriesND system201020132020     yesNF systemND system

          EPR (ESR) systems

          Magnetic ResonanceEPREMX?EMX? seriesall - with transputer interface20022017      **EMXplus? /EMXmicro? with ethernet interfaceEMX
          Magnetic ResonanceEPRELEXSYS?ELEXSYS? seriesall - with transputer interface
          20022017      **ELEXSYS? with ethernet interfaceELEXSYS
          Magnetic ResonanceEPR (ESR)e-scan?e-scan?Beer Analyzer
          Mar 2018Dec 2018Dec 2025     yesmicroESR?e-scan Beer Analyzer
          Magnetic ResonanceEPR (ESR)e-scan?e-scan?Alanine Dosimetry Reader
          Mar 2018Dec 2018Dec 2025      **ESR5000D?e-scan Alanine
          Magnetic ResonanceEPR (ESR)e-scan?e-scan?E, F, M, R
          Mar 2018Mar 2018Mar 2025      **E, F: microESR?, M, R: ESR5000? or microESR?

          e-scan E, F, M, R
          Magnetic ResonanceEPR (ESR)MagnettechMiniScope MSMS100, MS200, MS30020112011Dec 2020      **ESR5000?
          Magnetic ResonanceEPR (ESR)MagnettechMiniScope MSMS400
          20172017Dec 2022      **ESR5000?

          MR Imaging

          Preclinical ImagingMR ImagingAVANCE?         Iall20042006Dec 2016      **AVANCE? II
          AVANCE I
          Preclinical ImagingMR ImagingAVANCE?        IIall20062008Jan 2018      **AVANCE? IIIAVANCE II
          Preclinical ImagingMR ImagingAVANCE?       IIIall201320142024      **AVANCE? III HD
          AVANCE III
          Preclinical ImagingMR ImagingAVANCE?       III HD
          all201820182028      **AVANCE? NEO
          AVANCE III HD
          Preclinical ImagingMR ImagingClinScan?7 Tesla;
          all bore diameters
          Jan 2015May 2014May 2021      **      ---ClinScan
          Preclinical ImagingMR ImagingICON? 1Tesla--June 201820182028      **      ---ICON

          Nuclear Molecular Imaging

          Preclinical ImagingPET/SPECT/CTAlbira? Iall200820092016      **Albira? IIAlbira I
          Preclinical ImagingPET/SPECT/CTAlbira? IIall201520162023      **Albira? SiAlbira II

          μCT & Optical/Xray Imaging

          Preclinical ImagingmicroCTEx-Vivo SkyScan? 1072all200420042012      **1172SkyScan 1072
          Preclinical ImagingmicroCTEx-Vivo SkyScan? 1074all200620062014      **1174SkyScan 1074
          Preclinical ImagingmicroCTIn-Vivo SkyScan? 1076all201020112017      **1176SkyScan 1076
          Preclinical ImagingmicroCTIn-Vivo SkyScan? 1178
          all201420152019      **1278SkyScan 1178
          Preclinical ImagingOptical/X-rayIn-Vivo Xtreme? I
          all201320142021      **Xtreme? IIXtreme I
          Preclinical ImagingOptical/X-rayIn-Vivo Xtreme? II
          all201720182025      **      ---Xtreme II
          Preclinical ImagingOptical/X-rayIn-Vivo Benchtop (Grey)Carestream Brandedall201120112018      **In-Vivo Benchtop (White)In-Vivo Benchtop
          Preclinical ImagingOptical/X-rayIn-Vivo Benchtop (White)Bruker Brandedall201520162023      **      ---In-Vivo Benchtop

            *Further Support possible on a best effort at reasonable endeavor basis

          **Please contact your local Bruker representative for further information

          + Note: Probes built before the indicated last delivery date may not be repairable anymore, contact Bruker before sending such a probe for repair